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LBM Partner Services is a rapidly expanding professional services firm headquartered in London, Canada, boasting a stellar 25-year track record in the LBM industry. Our vast expertise allows us to cater to top-tier suppliers of residential and commercial building material products across North America. With a specialized focus on web development, business intelligence, and data analysis, we consistently deliver cutting-edge solutions that optimize processes and multiply profits for our clients.

How We Help

Web Track

Do you need help setting up and enhancing your BisTrack web store?


Is your pricing strategy viable in an increasingly competitive industry?


Are your departments working together to generate sales opportunities?


Are you meeting demand with real-time inventory management?


Is your field service process efficient and customer-driven?

Consulting & Helpdesk

Do you need data-driven insights to help guide critical decisions?

Are you struggling to keep up with pricing volatility in the lumber commodities market?  We’re here to help.

Our advanced reporting provides LBM dealers with valuable insights into key performance metrics, empowering them to make informed business decisions.

About Our Clients

leading retailers of diversified products and services in the LBM industry
$ 0 B
combined sales revenue across clients we serve
locations in North America from coast to coast
"LBM Partner Services takes the time to craft solutions to our unique challenges, rather than trying to fit us into an off-the-shelf solution."
General Manager
Marine Home Center
"Leaving the technology expertise to LBM Partner Services lets us focus on doing what we do best."
VP of Operations
Moffatt & Powell

Our Services

Web Track

As a recommended partner for Epicor® BisTrack Web Track, we are dedicated to ensuring your web store best serves you and your customers.

User Experience: Apply your branding and colors. Implement 100+ web design enhancements. Create custom pages linked to your brand.

Product Images: Display product images from your key suppliers, including Orgill, DoItBest and many more.

Workflow and Dashboards: Track web store orders and quotes. Set up custom alerts and dashboards to refine the sales process.

Marketing and Analytics: Promote your web store with email campaigns, flyers, videos and virtual training. Gain advanced insights with our analytics package.

Discover the power of seamless customer account and product management with Epicor WebTrack and elevate your online presence with our expert BisTrack web store development services.

Pricing and Purchasing

At LBM Partner Services, we develop custom algorithms to help advance your pricing and procurement methods.

Pricing: Be proactive in today’s market by adopting simple yet smart structures. Create custom profiles personalized to each customer. Easily update product pricing tailored to your margin strategy.

Purchasing: Quickly calculate stock requirements to meet projected customer demand. Optimize inventory control and reduce stock-out situations for each stock class. Expedite the purchase order process with clearly identified goals and responsibilities.

CRM and Opportunities

Our proprietary solution brings all departments together – from lumber and framing to kitchens – to allow LBM retailers to capitalize on every sales opportunity.

Web Form: Create a new opportunity from any device in seconds with a simple web questionnaire.

BisTrack Integration: Information automatically flows to BisTrack for immediate follow-up by your sales team.

Cross-Department Notification: Ensure that all departments are involved in the quoting process by adopting a holistic approach. Boost sales and improve team productivity to grow your business.

Randy Brown, the founder of LBM Partner Services, is a renowned authority in BisTrack consulting and business intelligence. With a strong focus on data analysis and software solutions, Randy has established a reputable company that delivers comprehensive services to optimize your business operations.

Consulting & Helpdesk

With over 25 years of consulting and professional services experience in the LBM industry, we are able to advise you on a wide variety of areas relevant to your business.

Data Analysis: Implement dashboards, smart views, and SAP® Crystal Reports built on advanced SQL queries, from executive reporting to employee-specific views.

Dispatch: Consolidate the process from point of order to customer delivery. Measure and optimize On-Time-In-Full. Calculate cost to service per customer based on usage.

Time Clock Integration: Connect to employee time-tracking and payroll systems. Incorporate labor costs and employee scheduling to create a unified view.

Roll-Up Reporting: Use machine learning to identify macro and micro trends. Assess your performance relative to industry peers.

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Our head office is located in West 5, London’s 100% energy efficient business park recognized as a world-class SMART community.

1305 Riverbend Road (West 5) Suite 320 London, ON N6K 0J5 Canada

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